About Katie

There are only a few things I think you, the reader, should know about me. You should know that words are an integral part of my existence and I find them to be the most captivating aspect of our existence. The ability to use and recycle the same phrases again and again until what you have is something totally unrecognizable and new. That is the goal for every writer. So here is what there is to know. I am trying to make sense of things. I am writing, like I usually do, to an answer. So maybe what I have to say is not worth reading at all, but I hope that there will be a day, a word, a phrase, that you will read and think, “that’s exactly it.”

I am recycling favored lyrics, poignant lines, book titles, galore. I am taking them and making them my own. Suggest a song, suggest a book, suggest a painting, suggest anything because they are all acting spring boards in our active imaginations. So this is the beginning. This is where I take my roots and stretch them, this is where I try something new, where I let you read whatever it is I think is worth saying,

this is where you meet me.


One thought on “About Katie

  1. shelley Morgan says:

    i love your blog and I MISS YOUR FACE.

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